English Stack Exchange

If you’re fascinated with language, english.stackexchange.com is pretty awesome. Granted I mostly engage with it to find trivia; to my shame I have not a strong grounding in literary analysis or large ranges of the classic education.

If a stone falls on an egg, alas for the egg.
If an egg falls on a stone, alas for the egg.


Sometime you’re not going to win the fight. Sometimes the other side has chosen their ground well and sometimes they have the numbers and sometimes they’re just better than you. However, if you’re caught in Rory Miller’s monkey dance then you’re not looking for a way to lose gracefully because when it comes to social standing, losing and disengaging from the contest aren’t treated differently. There are no rewards for not winning. At best, you have membership in some community where the results of this particular battle are not important.

It’s sad that our negative feedback cycles are so much stronger than our positive ones. People should be rewarded (in this life) for the good that they do. It’s a wide enough belief that humans are inherently flawed/evil that I’m surprised good deeds aren’t considered more remarkable and worthy of note.


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