Plot Bunny Farm (1)

Among my bad habits, I like to devour blogs. The Plot Bunny Farm  took me a few hours and there’s a lot of quality stuff there, including but not limited to writing advice, occasionally creepy writing advice, feminism, a new fandom for me – RWBY, all around cool things, and thoughts on Grant/Sherman.

Today let’s highlight maps.

Do you honestly think the world has a preferred orientation? Reminds me of Egyptian maps that place Upper Egypt (Southern Egypt) on the top of the map and let the Nile flow down to the bottom.

All those ships on the ocean. Where are they right now? Once I wanted a career sailing the world until I talked to people who actually did and who made it sound more like being under house arrest than romantic. If any of my sailing knowledge remains relevant, I’d still be tempted to help Mediterranean yachts make it home once their wealthy owners were done sailing for the summer.

Joining Salar de Unuyi as aspirational travel location are the three lakes of Mount Kelimutu on the other side of the world.

Africa ought to get more love from the rest of the world. It’s a significant place. Also, in cultures that I know nothing about.

A new addition to the reading list is “How to Lie With Maps” by Mark Monmonier. The list gets longer and it does not give me peace.

I’d encourage you to explore more maps yourself. If I’m feeling it, I’ll probably post some more links out of plot bunny farm later.


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