Worry Selectively

It’s well documented that we worry about dangers without regard to their likelihood of occurring. Shark attacks and terrorism are two examples of low likelihood events that receive disproportionate attention. Suicidal feelings should receive much more attention than they do. The risk of dying by your own hand in the modern world is ridiculously high.

One of the expected features of a democracy is that the politicians express the desires of the the people. So these disproportionate fears will find their way into law and, I’m guessing, since there is limited time to debate and consider each law then many legitimate fears will get zero notice as they are pushed aside in favor of the more lurid but less likely. Not that I expect any other form of government to do better except perhaps Plato’s impossible enlightened civil service.


Seriously though, wear your helmet on your bike. It’s cheap, effective, and until those inflatable hövding helmets get more testing, they’re the best we have. I’ve cycled my entire life and expect to cover many more miles before I die and I know that it’s only a matter of time until I get hit by a car and need that helmet to protect my head.


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