The Onion

The writers at the Onion are great at comedy. I treasure that my college had free copies of their latest on stands all across campus. Respect to the college students who gave us the Hobo-Merman wars but there’s a reason that the Onion is so persistent and so respected (and, no, it’s not just Peter Rosenthal). It’s because they’re good writers.

(yes, this does tell you more about me than it does about the Onion. I don’t care, you should read it if you want and make up your own mind anyway).


Here’s an article that I truly hate. I have mixed feelings about sharing it – mostly because I’m new to this sort of thing. You don’t have to click through, instead you could accept this as a launching point for things that seem to need saying.

“Myself included”. As a rhetorical gesture to indicate you have a insiders perspective and the bravery to use it (potentially) against yourself this might be useful. I think it’s a cheap way out of including the type of rigor that doesn’t require disclaimers.

“Hyper-whiteness”. What the fuck. Please describe the cluster of traits that you believe this entails. Because it means very little to me and you seem to think it means something and you seem to think it means somethings bad and you won’t explain. This fails to pass a certain universal test in which the same thing might be described as hyper-sub-saharan-african or hyper-indian and we could draw similar meaningful conclusions.

Is a sense of entitlement unique to this subculture you’re trying to capture. Perhaps it’s a human universal or at lest something that appears in other contexts. You’re invoking an opposition to normality that may not exist.

Let’s play with definitions around the word contributor. Don’t ask me to defend rigid boundaries of insider/outsider but do forgive me for pointing out that your pedantic word play is unnecessary.

Nothing like cherry-picked speculative history.

“[Code is] the one true way”. This almost feels like a reasonable idea that you’re exaggerating so you can score points for your article.

At this point, I’m done. There are some poisonous open source communities. There are some personalities involved in open source that I truly hate. But this article does nothing to expose that truth. If this is the kind of writing accepted under Model View Culture then I find that I have little use for it. Perhaps you can take this as evidence that you can drop the publication if you have misgivings after reading it.


It’s part of the human condition to worry about the future. How to accumulate resources to survive the lean times? And what if your concern is for more than yourself?

Perhaps you join Louis Theroux’s friends in Idaho. Or maybe you invest in the continued survival of the system and try to accrue enough capital to join the comfortable class. More likely you don’t get a choice but to sell your labor for the chance to do nothing with what time remains.